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Your Best Friand

by Le chat au café

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Uh Huh 04:20
What up what up It’s a pickle It’s a really really big pickle You’re a dick a really really big dick ahh ahh ahh ahh Did u hear ya hear What I said I aid yr a dick a dick A really really big dick Yeah you’re mean Yr unclean Not even Pride n Joy could wipe u up If u didn’t hear it the first time I’ll tell ya again don’t forget it next time I won’t be nice next time Yr a dick a dick a dick Maybe yr getting tired of hearing it now But I told u I wouldn’t be nice Yr a dick I said a dick Not the kind that’s short for Richard Uh huh uh huh Uh huh uh huh Yeah My mom told me every every every day to always be careful careful careful careful of guys Because love is like playing with fire I’ll get hurt eh eh My mom might might be right b/c when I see u my heart my heart gets hot B/c rather than fear my attraction to u is big eh You’re a dick a dick a dick Yeah I said you’re a dick (go away uh uh uh ) What up what up will I miss him? I really really really don’t think I’ll miss him He’s a dick a really really really big dick uh uh nun un un Now’s the part where we air our grievances
Mornings 03:10
mornings i wake up get out of bed and brush my teeth now check my phone messages and wait groggy am i did i dream i was a spy if i had i would have been real cool but that’s not true i wake up cold and blue send a message friends never reply back mornings i wake up get out of bed and brush my teeth and wait for friends messages that’s all all the wonderful things that made me happy now make me sad pictures are all i have mornings mornings are good mourning mourning that’s what i’m in wait wait that’s what i do pain pain that’s what Ifeel aaaaaalllllll mornings mornings mornings are gooooooood
The Sea 06:25
When i get so tired and depressed Hated and I drop away again Can’t understand I wanna die again I wanna tell u one last thing about the sea It’s cold and blue and it’s through with you It’s deep and clue less to your blues It’s cold and dark It’s got lots of sharks If u go swimming in the sea Don’t forget It’s a bit like me Now you’re dead underneath the sea it’s a bit like me? don’t u think? it’s a bit like u now? You’re generous like the sea I see a bit of u in me Wouldn’t you / you agree? Let’s dance Under the sealight the serious slight Sometime I feel so lost I really can’t tell the cost of not making up my mind yet It’s really got me wound up Sometimes I feel so lost I really can’t tell the cost of not making up my mind yet It’s really got me wound up You’re underneath the great blue sea Poseidon’s trident poking yr butt sand in yr pants no problem Yr generous like the sea I see a bit of u in me Have u ever been to the sea There’s a lot a lot to see I asked have u ever been 2 the sea wet and salty just like me fish friands fish fried the sea is deep just like me Have u ever been to the sea The Sea Have you ever been to the sea It’s a lot a lot like me Hot sand sand in your pants Like a said, a lot like me The sea is big just like me The sea is deep just like me Shells on the beach Pretty neat The sea is quite a bit like me I wanna tell u a bit about the sea It’s quite a bit like me It’s really clammy It’s pretty with your family Actually that’s not like me at all Let me tell u one more thing about the sea It’s shimmery and blue as u can see Look in my eyes You’ll be surprised Isn’t it a bit like me? If u go swimming in the sea Mind the tides when they’re high if u don’t you won’t be seen u didn’t listen to my advice now you’re underneath the great, big sea do u think it’s any more like me? you’re gonna die if u don’t try to think a bit about what the sea can do for u deep breath breathe it in there are crabs not that kind there are eels not that kind u can find a diamond if u see a clam
Fun Again 02:33
I wanna go to Grand Seoul Park with you I’ll take a friend Maybe just one or two Let’s take a pic Something to remember We’ll keep it close We’ll keep it in our hearts Oh we’ll prepare We’ll prepare a picnic With lots of food We’ll feel real warm and good We’re gonna go to Grand Seoul Park today We’re gonna have a lot of fun this May Oh what’s that? You don’t wanna go now? Don’t understand Not sure why or how I can’t tell you straight I got these b words on my plate Gotta lotta things to do So I don’t have time for you Say what? That’s right Nuh uh Yeah right That’s what I thought you meant when you told me couldn’t tell me the reason you went This joke’s gone on too long No reason I should keep writing these songs I like you (yeah) I love you (yeah) I was never Ya Boy Fiz I was always Yr Best Friend Can’t believe you didn’t see it then I wanna tell you all about The things I’ve been doing for these past three years and counting We’ve got this wall between us I won’t even make a little fuss Just take a cloth, wipe off the dust Go back to taking the bus Our friendship was always a must
I’m in love with all of my friands Gotta get around to telling them I’m in love with all my pals I’ll get through to them somehow I’m in love with all my buddies Hey why don’t we get a puppy I’m in love with my gals and bros Let’s get married after the show People come and people go And forget to close the door Looking out, are they looking in? I won’t stop believing in them Lock me in the vomit coffin It’s the place I’m most often Cover me in sick That’s disgusting Robots with braaaaaaaiiiiins Do they feel pain? Robots with heeeaaaaartssss Can they still play MarioKart? Sensible sensitive street-wise pensive Robots are the best (why don’t we put that to the test)
beep boop the sound of my heart it goes beep boop that’s where love starts it goes beep boop a robot that feels love it goes beep boop if robots love love it goes a sensitive robot am I feelings go on the bylines a sensitive robot am i programmed to love friends gone by a sensitive robot am I reprogram my brain to reject the feelings i’ve learned to get hurt by friends who’ve gone i just want to die I guess it would be nice to give my heart to a god but which one do I cho oo oo oo oose
CRUSH 02:24
I’ve gotta a crush on all my friends at the present moment We’re holding hands and giving presents at the moment We love each other so much that we’ll never leave We’re so happy hiding away from all our enemies CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH my crushes CRUSH xalot my feelings
Do you wanna go on a trip with me It’s really really fun but it might make you feel bad it’s nostalgia gonna make you wanna call your friends careful tho in case your heart is on the mend you can’t recapture the feeling you once had because all the nuances are already dead it’s the memory that’s special don’t need to recreate it it’s a pale imitation of your best vacation it’s time to leave all of that in the past that’s the way it goes that’s the way it goes that’s the way the tides have turned take it or leave it’s better not to treat it let the doctors declare the time of death don’t try to resuscitate it it’s a long time in the making let it breath out it’s last breath that’s the way it goes that’s the way it goes
I miss my old friends a lot We used to eat chicken at the chicken shop We used to spend a lot of time together We used to do a lot of things together I really can’t stop thinking about ‘em Got new friends these days It’s not quite the same We don’t have much in common And we don’t see each other that often Break it down break it down My old friends They never got me down Until that fateful day when u told me “I don’t like u okay?” I don’t get it Am I pathetic? Will u ever accept me even tho I’m not athletic? Why did you drop me? Why did u try to stop me? I don’t even know what’s going on Just ooohhhh


Le chat au café goes electro-pop


released April 7, 2018


all rights reserved



Le chat au café Seoul, South Korea

I make bad beats and ukulele tunes


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