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Vi​ệ​t Nam

by Le chat au café

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Sài Gòn (free) 02:28
Saigon Days and Saigon Nights, La la la People everywhere, what a sight, hm hm hm hm Saigon Days and Saigon Nights, La la la No pedestrians, mostly motorbikes, hm hm hm hm Saigon Days and Saigon Nights, La la la Cars everywhere, it’s never quiet, hm hm hm hm Saigon Days and Saigon Nights, La la la Tasty coffe, food lovers delight, hm hm hm hm Saigon (beep beep)
Phở 2000 (free) 03:13
A Vietnamese soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat Pho is a popular food, served a la maison et dans la rue Altho it originates out of Hanoi, it’s loved by all the hoy polloi Now you can find it in every nook and cranny, buy it from yr local granny Pho is the national dish It’s everything you could ever wish for I don’t care, I just want more American presidents are crazy bout this food (we’re crazy!) Bill Clinton ate some at Pho 2000 (he’s a bad guy) Obama had it with Anthony Bordain (ooooooo ooooooh!) I’m still pretty sad he’s no longer with us today Oh ho I wanna go and have some Chat with Hana and Tony I’m so glad to know them
Maison Marou (free) 04:21
At Maison Marou We talked for 2 whole hours Hana wasn’t so sure We kinda made her feel outer Maison Marou I do love you If I could do it again I’d make your dream come true instrumental We had a lot to say about movies, music and shows If someone felt left out I’m sorry from my head to my toes Maison Marou I do love you If I could do it again I’d make your dream come true instrumental We saw it on Netflix Somebody Feed Phil It piqued our interest local chocolate farmed from the hills Maison Marou I do love you If I could do it again I’d make your dream come true instrumental Saw some from Dalat Some here in Saigon We wanted that a lot And then we were gone Maison Marou I do love you If I could do it again I’d make your dream come true
Cộng Cà Phê (free) 02:01
beautiful view of the church drinking ice coffee on a hot day! pink cathedral in the background liked the vibe, wanna sit for a time gotta take a photo before we go just please stop using the photo app snow had a banh mi on the way air’s pretty dirty, but the juice is fresh i’m so thirsty, i’m so thirsty drinking lots of coffee! i’m so hungry, i’m so hungry i think i’d like three banh mi it’s so dirty, it’s so dirty wearing a mask to protect me meeting tony, meeting tony hana would rather go shopping
Authentique (free) 01:24
If you’re looking for ceramics, you’re in luck Authentique’s the place to get them for a buck Used to use plastic, I guess I’m an adult Tea while checking out, what cozy ambiance Authentique, Hana picked you out Pretty chic, I shouldn’t doubt Oh oh oh ohhhhh Gotta admit, I’m warming up to it Authentique, true to its name I wanted to skip it, lack of time Glad we didn’t, still using it today
22 Spa (free) 01:24
Secret Garden (free) 01:30
Peacock in a cage Traditional Band on stage Buddha by a pond Tofu, crab and flan Under starry night No roof in sight After the song, pictures by the pond, it’s the Secret Garden
I’m at the, post ooooooffice You can find me picking out cards for my friends They’ve got, so many chooooiiiices Hana and I circled around and again Saigon et ses environs Lignes télégraphiques du Sud Vietnam Ho Chi Minh looking down on us You could call this a place a monument of art Iced coffee at Katinat Cafe Failed to snag a place at Ivoire Patisserie It was our last day We had a lot of fun anyway
Đà Lạt (free) 01:32
Our story starts Working out at the gym, I Got a recommend from Tony for a place to visit It was Dalat Heard about the coffee shops and Beautiful scenery, I had to go, I wikipe’d it Sent a message To Hana bout this famous place It’s called the “city of a thousand pines”, I had to see it Found a lot of hot spots Coffee shops and restaurants Seemed like the place for chilly time and what not instrumental Every day in Saigon Looking forward to this next trip Figured it be a little more like a picnic Well, we went to Dalat Took a taxi from the airport Into the mountains, it was pretty late but still we saw a whole lot To be honest Wasn’t what I really expected Think I’ve been spoiled by japanese transportation Our new airbnb Not quite like the one in Saigon Nice view but it’s missing some of the charming points instrumental Dalat I wanted to like you a lot But I think I liked you better in my mind Ooooohhhh, oooohhhh, ooooohhhh, ooooohhhhh Oh
Me Linh Coffee Garden (free) 02:37
Meeeeee linh coffee garden Shruuuuuubs saturated with beans Me Linh’s the place where it’s at Looooong sagging branches Hiiiiiills dotted with rows It’s why we came to Dalat instrumental Rooooooobusta and mokaaaaaa As faaaaaaar as the eye can seeeeee We went there by taxi, we thought it’d be a hitch He promised us he’d wait there, he recommended it But when he was gone, we played with two big dogs
Anna's Coffee House (free) 03:26
Coffee and waffles Hot and fresh right out of the pan It’s so delicious Hot coffee on the terrace Hot and fresh right out of the pot It warms you up Warm sun and a cool breeze Perfect for a photo shoot It’s so beautiful A little bit of heaven, it’s Anna’s Coffee House I wish I could live in this place, even as a mouse A little bit of sunshine, brought in by the breeze Saying come in as you please A little bit of warmth to break the morning cool Glad to spend this time with Hana, Van and Will Anna’s Coffee House, happy to meet you, We’re gonna make it thru this Anna’s Coffee House, I’d love to stay, but We’ve gotta get to the next place Anna’s Coffee House, I’m so thankful Glad to say hello and pass a little time
The cable car was really scary, you know I’m afraid of heights And yet I got up the courage to play without a fight It was totally worth it for the sight Green fields rolling for miles, I can’t believe we had such good light Took the Cable car from Robin Hill to truc lam temple We were a mad rush to take as many photos as possible You were like a professional, cool calm collected capable As soon as we got there, we got a tasty desert Temples are pretty cool, I’m glad to share it with you! Took the Cable car from Robin Hill to truc lam temple
Hồ Tuyền Lâm (free) 02:41
You asked me if I wanted to make a music video I was touched and a little guilty, I know it’s your job But when we got to Tuyen Lake, we knew it had to be Took only three tries and then we could call it a day I’m going to the store! Feels like I’ve been here before I’m going back for more I thought I had it all Looks like I’m going again
Là Việt Coffee (free) 02:36
La viet coffee No bad taxi, please We’ve had fill La viet coffee Is the only place to get refilled La viet coffee It’s so close, why do you have to hurt our feelings We only wanted to visit one last place on our checklist It was our last day in Dalat, but you came to us pissed Not only did u ruin our night, you made us scared that you’d kill us I can’t believe we gave u 5 stars on the app, you piece of shit CHORUS When finally we made it, we had no more time to enjoy ourselves But it was lovely, the fresh coffee farmed from local shelves We got a tour and took some pictures, bought some souvenirs La viet coffee, we recommend, it’ll make you healed I wish we’d gone in the first place It doesnt have to be a race We just want coffee chilly time, somewhere that we can call home base La Viet Coffee, we’ll come back, La Viet coffee, we’ll be back La viet coffee, you’re the best
I feel like going back Back where there’s nowhere to stay That bar where we’d been at Where we met up that first day Something familiar To greet the new We had to pull ourselves Out of our gloom Is it the trip that’s hard? Or is it us that makes it tough Relationships abroad Can get pretty rough Some discussion To sweeten the taste But something sour Can make it all go to waste instrumental I’d like to go back But not to last year Back to the time When we thought we each other dear Happy new year It might be brighter than today Happy new year It could be better than yesterday Happy new year
DLI-SGN-ICN (free) 02:44
Two long flights! I’m there and back again I think I might Not get back home Just one more bite Of banh mi and pho Walking all night Gotta get back home instr Saigon/Dalat Were full of motorbikes Not sure what I think of that, but I guess it’s alright Beautiful photo shoots On the terrace Had a great apartment Maybe the best part of it instr Watched Terrace House, oh oh! Some tasty beer and snack! We’ll watch it every night Before we get back Snuggled up on the sofa We’re pretty spoiled like that Call us homebodies, but We don’t mind that instr vietnam! I don’t if we match I’m pretty casual, but you go hard like that saigon! not so many pretty parts there was delicious food for that, I’d go back dalat! we need a motorbike very hard to walk around problems with the map but I’ll never forget you!


A Saigon and Dalat "travelogue" album


released June 20, 2020


all rights reserved



Le chat au café Seoul, South Korea

I make bad beats and ukulele tunes


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