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by Le chat au café

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Shirtless 01:48
Chin up, everything that’s happening now is gonna be all right Next time you call, give me a little warning, I don’t wanna be surprised I told you, everybody you know back home is fine I’m ready to admit I have no plan to die I wanna know why, oh I wanna know why Shirtless in the morning, Shirtless in the evening, Shirtless every day, every night, when I’m thinking about you, my body is covered in a hot, cold sweat! I don’t like it when you take me by the hand I’m an adult, I can make it even with no friend If you’re here, and I’m over there, we can make it We’ll make it, you know, we can do it, because no matter where we are, we’re always touching by underground wires I’ve wondering what you’re doing when I’m over here looking at the stars We have a 13 hour time difference, so I guess you’re just now waking up Having your morning coffee and toast, I just wanna know what you’re putting on it Are you into jam or butter? Or maybe you’re one of those avocado toast people ~ wink
Clearer and clearer, it’s gonna get away from us one day Nearer and nearer, we’re getting closer to the truth every day Dirty stuff, should be clear Foggy stuff, should be clear Ambiguous stuff, should be clear Time can’t change dirty and foggy to clear Only me I can do it, I can make it clear The world is changing every day, it’s getting harder for me to say It’s clearer and clearer that I’m not gonna make it out okay My dear, oh my dear, oh I’ll keep my darkest impulses at bay I’m not gonna lie or fudge the truth, every single day people lying thru their tooth That’s not me, my memory is clear, no more foggy, or dirty, have no fear They say I bring the sun wherever I go I’m not sure how they could possibly know Never bring a ‘brella, cause I’m a shiny fella But I’d like to be as beautiful as the people I see all around Clearer and clearer! It’s gonna get away from us one day Nearer and nearer! We’re getting closer to the truth every day I’d like to know what other people think of me I hope it’s good, because I’ve got a serious objection to the depiction of myself in my mind, so I’m taking my time in becoming who I really am Clearer and clearer!
Slime Child 03:14
I’m the slime child, bile pouring out my open mouth I’m the slime child, fluid slipping out my every pore I’m the slime child They say you are what you eat, and to that I admit defeat My diet consists of pasta and bread, I’m beginning to think I’m underfed Slime Child lives in secret, he finds treasure, and he keeps it He thinks maggots are his friends, but they fly away instead If u give him hugs, he will share with you bed bugs Lock him in the vomit coffin, in the morning he’ll be coughing There’s no medicine down below, so he gobbles up stray toes Mucus oozing out his ears, you can see it also in his tears Clawing the dirt, oh how his fingers must hurt Breathing in the musty odor, you feel yourself getting older
Phantom Hand 01:41
I’m connected with the moon, once every month something’s out of tune Got a lotta things on my mind, it’s nearly about time to Don’t worry, it’s not too late, not even if u got a lot on ur plate Take ur time if u have no rhyme, you can think of it sometime The man in the moon is looking at me, wherever I go, he wants to make me happy It’s kinda creepy when he touches my head, it’s the phantom hand, just wanna be alone in bed it’s the phantom hand x8 It’s wandering the streets and it’s roaming the land it must be pretty lonely on the moon, I thought that was only in cartoons the phantom comes once a year, that’s why people don’t think it’s real believe me tho it’s pretty strange to get a visit from those five phalange
Octopi 02:10
Octopi Stretching my arms long and wide, I’ve got to bridge the divide It’s no longer time to hide There’s too much I can’t abide This is what I will confide I’m the great big octopi I’m a really great, great guy I’m living under the sea for now, but soon enough I’ll be in town You might think I’m pretty lazy, but you should know life ain’t that hazy Eight long tentacles ain’t nothing, you can really do something Kill and maim the fascist pigs They destroy all we did I’m the great big octopi I’ve gotta bridge the divide If you’re against me, you will die This ain’t a debate, I’m much obliged
Little Horse 01:55
My life is falling apart, but I think recycling is really important I’ll make something new with the broken pieces if u gimme a clue I’d like to think it’s not so bad to tape it up or put a little glue Maybe it’ll stay together if I don’t shake it or use it too My life is falling apart, but maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be I’ve got my cats sleeping by my side, isn’t that enough to keep me company What r u gonna do with a little horse, if it comes knocking at yr door? Asking “hey, do u have some hay? I’m pretty hungry, please say okay!” I’ve got a little horse and it’s taking the piss, and I mean that in the british sense I’m giving it everything I have to give, I’m so kind, I’m probably divine I’ve got a little horse, and it’s gonna be okay, we’re gonna play around every night and day I’m feeling little hoarse, gotta rest my voice, why is this horse giving me so many chores My life is falling apart, thought getting a baby would help it restart When it grows up, it won’t be as tough, I can ride it around and turn my life back around
No Woman 03:38
I wanna tell you I like you, and I thought you might like me I thought you might like me, we could do a lot of things together Go to the beach and get a suntan Wear too much sunscreen but still get sunburnt Take a pic but it’s oversaturated Too bad now but we’ll laugh about it later People call me Fiz I say, “gee whiz, is that my nomenclature?” Ethan Teacher is my nom de plume If you meet me in the teacher’s room Take it from me, I’m not gonna bite-cha Prefer to eat vegan, get some veggies I’m not mis-speaking It’s good vegan-eating I can repeat it You see me teaching You’re overheating Because we’re both robots in this scenario You’re really the best, I don’t wanna put to the test, you’re not my student, you are my friend, you get passing marks without even trying We’re gonna make it all the way / Never Never gonna let you go, you know I want to be the best one, even when it’s hard, I think it’s worth trying I’m not the best, but I’ll do my best I’ll make you happy even if it hurts me, it hurts me a lot But the best love is the one that requires a very large sacrifice I’m not talking about something that’ll destroy one’s life But every interaction has a little bit of give and take It’s okay to make a mistake, or else we’d never learn


Le chat au café goes electro-pop... again!


released June 12, 2019

"Shirtless" and "No Woman" beats produced by Sour Yogurt. The rest of the songs were made using Figure and self-produced

"Clearer and Clearer" lyrics by Yu Hana

Album art by Yu Hana


all rights reserved



Le chat au café Seoul, South Korea

I make bad beats and ukulele tunes


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