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Sees Its Shadow

by Le chat au café

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Is there a ghost in my heart, I guess it crawled in there when I went to the mart! Gotta a summer vacay to take, with my ghost buddy, we can call it a wake Hanging out in our old haunts, we disappear so we’ll never be caught Terrorizing the old folks, maybe soon they’ll join our cult More friends means more fun, but don’t be rash, take your time to come It’s a ghost party in my head, I’m so thankful that now I’m dead Thought about going to the beach, but I think my dead body may reek Putting sunscreen on my face, you know ghosts burn too, we’re white as paste It’s pretty easy to sleep, when you’re dead, everywhere is your bed But unless you’re alive, you can’t tell your loved ones goodbye I suddenly regret death, oh what’s the point if you can’t even get wet Is there a ghost in my heart? Get it out before it rots I love all my friends, I don’t really wanna see them dead It’s nice to be corporeal, you can go and have a meal for real Being dead has a couple perks, your feelings are dim, but don’t do it on a whim It’s nice to walk thru walls, but you can’t receive any calls Zombies may not have it better but they can touch and that matters I think I’d like to live forever, don’t wanna sever my soul from my heart
Hard times at the Huskin Bee No, don’t you worry ‘bout me Got here by my own two feet Guess I deserve to weather this heat, awww x2 [second time chrous/higher voice] Don’t u worry bout me I’ve got a plan to break free Look around you might see the key So don’t u worry bout me [instrumental] I'm digging’ right under your feet I'm out of the jaws of defeat They’ll never get wind of our cheat I promise you’ll never catch me Hard times at the Huskin Bee! Tonight’s episode is hard to beat Tune in again next week It’s… Hard times at the Huskin Bee!
Haunts 01:46
I'm a ghost and I don't know how I died Look for my body, maybe I left something behind Some sign Some clue Some reason why I died What's a ghost to do without a body? Haunt somebody? Crash a party? Tell me body, please tell me body Still a ghost, and I'm wandering the countryside Am I really living or just killing time? Surprise Remind me why I'm haunting this side of life Am I really living or just killing time?
After U Die 02:16
After u die, no one knows what’ll happen Should you cry, just know that it happens to every one!!!!!! No exceptions Don’t giiiiiiive uuuuuup! That’s out of the question Life haaaaaas it’s chaaaaaarms! Tho it’s still hard Oh oh, it’s haaaaaaard solo It may seem so pretty to imagine the afterlife It can’t be roses and sweet things, that’s all a lie It’s probably nothing, Don’t expect anything at all After u die, you’re dead (unless u turn into a ghost) Ghoooooooooooost After u die, no one knows what’ll happen Should you cry, just know that it happens to every one!!!!!! To every ooooooone
A perfect stranger’s…. got your back Didn’t ask at all for that A perfect stranger... giving me advice Guess it goes a long way to be nice Wanna ask him to go on his way But now he’s asking me to pay with my life La la Living all the way out by the docks Not a lot of strangers like this lot Oh now they’re knocking at my door Guess it would be rude to ignore Not sure why I’m smelling smoke Stranger things have happened to folks La la Perfect stranger’s got your back! No wonder they’re on the attack! Perfect stranger’s giving out candy On Halloween that’d be dandy La la la la la
Oh, Chilly Chilly, don’t that sound silly, I guess I’m doing fine Freezing out among the piles of dead leaves, I guess I shouldn’t whine Taking stock of all that I’ve got, Somewhere I’ve gotta the draw the line Chilly chilly, I’m singing happily, I guess I’m running out of time solo solo Chilly chilly, I’m feeling silly, it’s spicy but it’s good Pretty soon I’m gonna pick up and change my neighborhood Hooooooooood Hooooooooood solo solo I’ve got all I want, I’m feeling happy Two cats and a ukulele, I’m feeling happy I’ll be 30 next year, I’m feeling happy Starting to lose my hair, but I’m feeling happy Happyyyyyyyyyyy Happyyyyyyyyyyy
Kiiiindred spirits! We’re one and the same! We’re on another plane of exiiiiistence It’s a little hard to explain And ain’t it a shame to be Kindred spirits Don’t forget that Kindness can Kill And it cuts you down to the bone Kiiiindred spirits! We’re one and the same! We’re on another plane of exiiiiistence Oh, life exits The body The soul is wasting away One day your body will die, but Not today
I'm living with a ghost No, I didn't mean to host This persnickety ghost But it's eating all my toast And it's pulling at my hair Sometimes I'm not sure it's really there Oh, I'm living with a ghost in my heart We're sharing an apartment I'm living with a ghost in my head Maybe I'm the one who's really dead That'd be fine with me I'm haunting all your eggs Zipping in between your legs Aren't you afraid of me While you're sipping your tea Oh, I wanna be alive We could go for a drive I'm your ghost! I'm haunting your heart I'm your ghost! Just wanna get inside your head Aren't you the one who's dead? That'd be fine with me Ghosts aren’t the only things that are dead I’ve been a long in time in your head I’ve heard all that you’ve said It’s frankly pretty dark instead But I’d like to give you life If you consent, that’d be alright Would we be friends? We might Then I think we’d be pretty tight I’m living with a ghooooost in my heart I’m living with a ghooooost in my head I’m your ghoooooooost I’m haunting your heart I’m your ghoooooooost Let’s never be apart We’ll never really be de ea ad And that’d be fine with me
It doesn’t matter what you’re like on the outside because on the inside, you’re blood and bones one day, you will slay the living, they will all pay you were once like one of them but now you will be their end everyone one joins the skeleton war your destiny since the day you were born sticks and stones may break my bones but words will break my soul the skeleton war is coming!


Spooky tunes from yours truly


released November 15, 2019


all rights reserved



Le chat au café Seoul, South Korea

I make bad beats and ukulele tunes


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