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by Le chat au café

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Maehama 02:36
I got a petite voiture I’m gonna drive to the countryside in it I don’t know where I will go just gonna get in my little car Drive around Drive really far Drive until I can see the stars Petite voiture Petite voiture It’s okay, I’ve got a petite voibure Petite voiture Petite voiture Super petite Petite voiture Petite voiture Petite voiture I’ve got a petite voiture But sometimes I don’t know where I’m going I’m so lost in my petite voibure It’s okay I’ve got you with me in the driver’s seat eat eat Petite voiture Petite voiture I love my petite voibure Drive around with me in in my petite voibure You’re with me, so it’s okay Let’s go to the mountains Let’s go to the sea Let’s sleep in our petite voibure Wake up and see the sunrise over the ocean It’s so wonderful with you next to me Driving around with my petite voiture Petite voiture petite voiture It’s so sad to be lost without my petite voibure But it’s not always like that Oh it’s not like that I got a petite voiture I’m gonna drive to the countryside in it
Sunayama 02:26
I like going to the beach Cool water on my feet Sunburn Went to the beach the other day Put sunscreen on my face Wore a hat on my head Long sleeve swim shirt on my arms
Higashi-gashi-hennazaki 일본에 있어요
Shimoji 02:25
I, don’t walk anymore than I have to You, thought the beach was better than the truth We, are putting together our most tolerable face But, the waves are too big and there’s trash next to our feet Oooh, wha wha ooooh We found the place where wanted to go It wasn’t easy (wasn’t easy) Took a taxi Found the taxi that we’d been looking Took lots of pictures and that’s what we asked Oh Shimoji Oh Shimoji Shimoji
Painagama 01:41
Bed head wake up I hear the alarm again Wake up Turn it off Turn it off Sleepyheads don’t always wake up When you want them to When you want them to
Yoshino 01:36
Donned my snorkeling gear Goggles in the midday sun I thought I’d had enough of being in the heat for one Day I wasn’t gonna give up just because of a little sweat I wanted to see some colorful fish and the coral reef beneath my feet It’s so different from what I know back home Ooohhh it’s nothing like I’d ever seen before Even got a GoPro to take Photos and videos of me and Hana swimming around But I can’t swim too well And fish kinda freak me out So I hit my foot on a rock and bled all over the place Get back in the water? No way I’ll do that I think I’m having a panic attack
Boragawa 02:04
I’ve always said you’re generous like the sea I see a lot of you in me The ocean’s calling you back home The wind picks up, it’s blowing I thought the rocks would break me down Crush my head upon the ground It’s a long, long way to walk I’m sure it’s not all for naught The waves will come wash me away The waves… Japan is way too hot I’m sweating quite a lot I think I might just drop We keep on walking in the sun The oceans beckons us to come Boragawa is behind us Yet it still case us, it must I can’t imagine swimming there It’d gobble us up to our hair It’s a long, long way to walk It’s sure it’s not all for naught The waves...
FamilyMart 01:55
I’m going to the store Feels like I’ve been here before I’m going back for more I thought I’d had it all Don’t u wanna know where I’ve been going Don’t u wanna know what I’ve been buying Don’t u wanna know what I’ve been eating I’ve been here before I’m having something so delicious Paying less than a dollar for this Maybe I will eat it every day On vacation it’s okay Sunny day It’s okay I love going to the store Air conditioned when I’m sore I love going to the store But when I can’t find what I need I feel bad, like I’m gonna sneeze So I ask a store clerk And they check back for more I get what I need Feeds my ever need I love going to the store


A Miyakojima "travelogue" album


released December 15, 2017


all rights reserved



Le chat au café Seoul, South Korea

I make bad beats and ukulele tunes


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