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Love in the Time of Fiznab

by Le chat au café

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Cat Mom 02:28
I wanna be a cat mom I’m feeding them every day Wet food and dry food Let’s have a treat today Cats are the very best animals in the world I think if I were a cat, I’d be a a Scottish Fold licking and preening sleeping and eating if i had a hundred cats, I’d be a catrionnaire we’d live in a big old house filled with cat hair
I’m going down on the ground, that’s where the dogs are All my dogs are on the ground All my dogs are playing around I’ve got all the dogs I need. I’ve got all the bones I Need to feed them Do you wanna dog too? Come visit me, I’ll let you play with them Hello, I’ve gotta dog! Do you wanna play with my dog? I’ve got got all the dogs I need. I’ve got all the things I need to feed them. I’m going crazy with my dogs We’re playing around I’ve got the dogs, I’ve goooot the dogs Dog rap Your friend looks like my friend They’ve got the same nose, the same eyes, the same hair, everything’s the same, they’re just not the same person I thought that your friend was my friend, but it wasn’t If it were, I wouldn’t have made this big mistake I said Your friend… They look the same, so when I turned around and said “hey, hey friend” they, uh, they were like “wh oare you, I’m not yr friend” It sounded uh kinda like this I said, your friend looks kinda like my friend I mean, a lot like my friend. Not kinda at all In fact, I showed them a picture of my friend, and they said “hey where’d you get this picture of me?” and I said, “hey this isn’t you. You two just look alike” and they said This story sounds kinda goofy, but it was actually really upsetting so next time you see a friend that looks like your friend but isn’t your friend just uh don’t show them pictures of your friend and freak them out cuz it’s not your friend Just looks like your friend I wanna be yr dad! I wanna do all the things dads do I wanna throw you a ball Wanna throw you a ball and you catch it and throw it back I wanna be yr dad Do you wanna be my child Cuz I wanna be your dad Wanna be yr dad Do you wanna be my child Wanna be yr dad Wanna throw you up in the air and catch you Do you wanna be caught by yr dad What’s so bad about being a dad Being a dad is great Being someone’s child is even better I wanna be yr dad Don’t you want me to be yr dad Wanna throw a ball Wanan catch a fish Wanna catch a ball Wanna throw a fish Wanna take a road trip Wanna be yr dad Come on, let’s be family Lemme be yr dad Wanna be yr dad My heart is a pumpkin it grows big and orange and then you cut it open make a scary face and then it rots Throw it out I forgot about yoooouuuuu I forgot about you as soon as I saw you! I don’t care about you!
Arcanine 01:42
My face feels empty Blood is spillin’ out The bones are protruding, ‘bout to come right out The skin is meltin’ Turnin’ into goop Stick a skewer Smack my butt and call me done Fire in my heart Fire in my brain Fire inside of me I think I’ll go insane
I drive everyone I love away from me It’s eating a hole in me I’m desperate for something but there’s no human word for it I should be happy, but what I feel is corrupted, broken, impotent and insane
So long, so long, chumps! Smell ya, smell ya later! See you on the other side I’ll be looking down at you from high Laughing At yr downfall Hate the rich Doesn't matter who Gonna be strong and wipe them out. Get them alone, and there’s no doubt So stay outta my way.
Cumulonimbus 02:46
Home is where the heart is That’s what they say So home is where I wanna be Pick me up and turn me round Heart signal Beepin’ thru the clouds Feel it grow Thunder in yr soul Yearning for yr home Cumulonimbus floating bove our heads Castle in the sky, Luputa’s there it’s said A magical world Free of hurt
Tree Dream 03:16
I don’t know what it is I just know that I want it I don’t know what’s going on In the minds of vegetables Tree dream happening in the soil Seeds and dirt is all I know Kings and queens Roots and limbs You and me In a dream Because No matter where we are We’re always touching by underground wires Dirt Undernewth my feet I can feel everything Roots of things in the world I’m under your skin Ahhh


Sequel to the electro-pop series that started with YBF and Staycation. Moodier and more ambient, let Love in the Time of Fiznab guide you into an arboreal daydream!


released November 11, 2022

All songs written, composed and performed by Ethan Lechat
Album art by Caleb Lechat


all rights reserved



Le chat au café Seoul, South Korea

I make bad beats and ukulele tunes


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