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by Le chat au café

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Kyoto 02:44
Easy Like That We Really Miss Our Cats Easy like that Let’s not forget our hats Easy like that Walking forward and back Easy like that We’re gonna get so fat Easy like that Going to Kyoto Taking lots of photos Wearing a kimono Watching Ghibli’s Ponyo Listening to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Easy Like That We Won’t Forget Our Hat Easy Like That We’ll eat enough to get fat I like the food here I wanna see the monkeys I wanna wear a kimono I like eating soba
Gojozaka 01:26
Gojozaka it’s nothing special to me but Ichikawaya cafe is tasty Toasted egg sandwich Seasonal fruit Umamachi coffee it’s all good Gojozaka you did all that you could first night in kyoto, the night felt so cool I didn’t realize the truth then but you really did us good gojozaka we’ll never forget you (instrumental) When we come see you again We’ll make it really count In the Japanese way we have to say Arigato go ja ee mas
Arashiyama 01:55
Arashiyma, j’aime trop fort Hana (ahhhh ahahahaha ahhh h) Riverside / Aradshiyama It’s not too much to count on I / Like the nature And there were also monkeys there Hey / Arashiyama You’re pretty cool So I sing And I / liked you the best I’m glad I could see you more often Next time / we meet again Let’s get lost in the forest Hey / Arashiyama You’re pretty cool So I sing again There was a bridge It was so photogenic We took so many photos But we couldn’t take enough OH (chorus)
I went to monkey park Looking for a job But they only had banana snacks And u know I’ve got an allergy At monkey park there were baby monkeys Clinging to their moms I thought I’d take one by the hand But the monkey tore off my jaw Monkey Park is beautiful At night night you can see the stars Daytime has the city view And Monkeys got the drop Monkeys fighting in the trees The handlers won’t get to me They’re much too fast to be taken down I think I want some more around I went to monkey park It was pretty spectacular I didn’t get a job But I made some memories I went to monkey park (I went to monkey park) I saw all the monkeys (I saw all the moneys) I wanna join them one day (I wanna join them one day) But maybe not today
Bamboo forest! Bamboo forest! Gonna take a photo of my girl Bamboo forest! Bamboo forest! 100 more and haven’t had our fill Woah oh oh woah oh oh woah oh oh In Arashiyama, it’ll make u sing Nothing like you’ve ever before seen It’s dense and shaded, what a great scene So you’ve gotta follow our recommendating Let me tell u about it Bamboo forest! Bamboo forest! Got there early if you want a thrill Bamboo forest! Bamboo forest! Any later and u won’t be chill Woah oh oh woah oh oh woah oh oh It’s right next to Tenryuji Temple Of Kyoto’s nature, it’s a great sample Why not go there, it’s worth the gamble So you’ve gotta follow example! Let me tell u bout it!
Okochi Sanso 01:36
I was disappointed at Okochosanso The bill was pretty pricey but the path was so slow Oh I didn’t get what’s so great about this place but I think I’m gonna lose it At Okochinsanso Garden At Okochisanso Garden I lost all the things I really wanted The green tea was nice but not warranted Moss on the ground, it’s pretty but I think I wanna go now I’d rather turn back but I don’t wanna break the flow You’re having so much fun, Hana, I promise not to steal the show Oh I didn’t get what’s so great about this place but I think I’m gonna lose it Oh ko chi san so I wanna tell u what I know Not many people so that’s a pro And anyway I’m with u and that’s acceptable I read the reviews and I guess I accept that it’s special To be at Okochisanso Avec toi
What can u do when you’re feeling little blue I Got some news for you It’s tru Just Listen to this tune It’s easy you do it / not so bad for Something new Observation Point is here Clear up your feelings Within the year Up the trail Sweat in yr hair No one else around What can u do when you’re feeling little blue I got some news for you It’s tru Go to Kyoto Stay at Gojo zaka take the Randen train, ta-ta You’ll make it pretty soon Just make sure you’ve got an umbrella It can rain suddenly Then you’re on your own
Kiyomuzudera 01:42
Kiyomuzudera Tourist trap is there, I liked it even better when you were in my head, ah why so many people it’s hard to find your feet there Oh, it would be better to visit somewhere else and why is it so famous ashamed to be a tourist I made this melody long before I went to Kyimizudra x10 Kiyiomizudera Sweat running down our faces, backs and arms, and need some ice cold soba it’s a little hot to take a photo of you, Hana you’re feeling ready time to head off to Kyimizudra x10
Sannaenzaka, I want it Ninnaenzaka, I need it Yasakanote, also Oh, Hana wanted to go It’s just a big commercial street Just like Jeonju, Korea It wasn’t such a bad view Construction was there to make it good as new And the morning went by so fast Hadn’t even had breakfast Got lost finding a shrine But that’s okay, it’s not our last time
Nanzenji 02:07
On est alles a NANJENJI C’est vrai Il y avait un AQUEDUC C’est vrai Je boudais tout le temps C’est vrai Je n’avais pas raison C’est vrai Je devais écouter Hana Quand meme elle me faisait nyanyanya On est allées a NANZENJI Elle voulait de la photographie Je ne savais ce qu’on devait faire A cause de ca, j’avais l’air Mechant Enfant
Murinan 01:21
Murinan A perfect garden from heaven It deserves a song The money was well spent oh and Murinan It’s a break from the heat of the day We needed a break! So we went to Murinan It wasn’t so fake! It was manicured perfectly Surrounding a lake! Peace and quiet at this place The price wasn’t a waste We needed a taste oh we needed a taste!
I sang you 'bout the FamilyMart I sang you 'bout my garden But there's something I didn't Didn't tell you something Oh Nishiki Sijang You're famous for fresh fish So many people go there It's #1 on their list! So if you're feeling hungry And want an experience You should take a walk out there and check out some dish
Gion 02:15
Met Mitsukuni and Geunnae too we had a lot of fun but we almost puked I’d like to meet you again when the time is right but maybe next time let’s not drink until we die Oh Gion! Gion J’ai bu jusqu’a la mort Oh Gion Maintenant je suis une phantome A Gion Wandering the streets alone Oh je suis allé a Gion There’s so much to do in Gion Take a walk by Shirakawa The canal so famous I just sat drinking a coffee We’re near the end of the song now Bye
Kawaramachi 02:46
Kawaramachi, you have everything If not for the shopping, for sure you’d be king I thought your katsudon was pretty alright It’s just a shame that on our last night We had no money and that was a fright Kawaramachi, I’d been there before We walked so much that our feet felt so sore I like how you kept us cool from the sun It felt like we needed something like that for fun I thought this song would be shorter than this But it turns out I had a lot more to say than just diss If you think I did you wrong, let’s clear it up now I’m ready to talk it out if you just tell me how Oh Kawaramachi, I liked you so much I wanted to spend more money but it turned out to be tough You gave use a nice memory, something not so rough A little way to take a break, it was worth it so much Go men a sayi, daisiteru


A Kyoto "travelogue" album


released October 15, 2018


all rights reserved



Le chat au café Seoul, South Korea

I make bad beats and ukulele tunes


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