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Home Sweet Home

by Le chat au café

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Catch me on the outside of town doing the dishes or mowing the lawn They call me recluse? Well, that’s just clueless I’ve got all the friends I need The bugs, the birds and the bees Making what you want of life is what makes life worth living Living for what I like, I’m trying to find myself Being alone with your thoughts it’s not something you’re taught But don’t keep it all inside, you’ve gotta let it out Planting a garden! Catching a fish! Petting the wandering animals Giving back what I get It’s the way of the forest don’t worry if you get wet Watch the fireflies light up In the palm of my hand Oh, how this life is bright But washed away like the sand Listen to the river flow Take a boat downstream Wave to the fishermen And they wave to back to meeee Friend to all but known to none They Call me man by the lake Like a fox, I’m on the run Peace and quiet’s what’s at stake That cozy feeling! It’s getting in the way The fire in my heart Burning down to clay That cozy feeling! Keeping me warm The snow outside my window piling up Something’s coming like a storm Now I’m a mole A grub Worming my way through the ground Body decomposing Becoming one again with the Earth For I am dust. We are dust And to dust we shall return But what’s the harm in being dead? It’s all in your head, it’s all in your head No fear of what comes next It’s all in your head, it’s all in your head We’re given one single life Gotta do with it what we can No everlasting life It’s all in your head, it’s all in your head Wherever you’re supposed to be It’s all in your head, it’s all in your head Whoverever you’re supposed to be Whenever your time is near Whatever you wanna say
Homebody 04:57
Oh, I’ve got everything I need Two cats and a partner with me Little pizza shop across the street All my friends across the sea Thinkin’ bout going to the store No, I don’t go there no more Order everything on my phone Looks like I’m gonna stay at home Home Sweet Home Where did it go? Home Sweet Home This must be the place I know Made my own coffee in the morning Picked some thyme I planted outdoors Found a little bug walking on the floor Making friends no matter how poor A wasp flew into my room I watched it die pretty soon Looked at the sky to see the moon Smiling down into the gloom No one cares for me I keep no company I have minimal needs And now they are through with me I had a few good years (Would u tell me bout it?) Getting older and still full of fear (That’s too bad!) Can you help me figure this out? (Sure, why not!) Oh I don’t know where to go (Me neither) I know my friends would (I’m sure they would) I don’t know where my friends are now (Aww…) Where did my friends all go? (Aww…) Did they scatter when I was sleeping? Did they jump out the window when my back was turned? Are they out hiding under the bed? Did they Haruki Murakami me?
Once easy to trust Now hardened to the crust Scared to death What’s more, I’ll never forget Ossified tree Dreaming of what once could be! Lost my way Can’t find the forest today I don’t know what I’m doing these days I know I’ve got a lot on my mind Hike to the top of the mountain Can’t see the trees for the forest Scared to death, What more to get? I’m listlessly searching my way Lost my taste for what’s on my plate I need a new coat of paint I’m okay I only died a little Time turns us all To bone
Bone Orchard 03:54
Heart’s not in it anymore Tongue went and hit the floor Eyes popped out of my skull Listening to your breath Feeling it on my neck Your knife will soon be wet Feel the blood dripping down Hands digging at the ground Feet wandering round and round You’re dead You’re gone But not for long The dead will walk
Hard To Find 03:14
Don’t wanna go out Don’t wanna meet my friends or go to work Just wanna stay home and be hard to find Saw someone who looked exactly like you It’s funny how the years go by Saw someone who looked exactly like you I guess it’s just the sun in my eyes Hard to find? Harder to leave behind! No matter what I do Keep coming back to you Jumped down a well And right back out I fell Climbed up a tree Was pushed right back to thee
In Cahoots 02:22
I’ve fallen love with you, with you And I understand what makes you blue If I call for you, if I fall for you I guess we’re in cahoots Keep our love a secret, don’t tell anyone Everything has its place Inside jokes Sharing secrets We’re in cahoots Oh oh we’re in cahoots Every part of you, of you It’s making me want you Your eyes, your nose, your lips I’ll memorize it, I’ll memorize it What’s on your mind? No, don’t tell me, I already know Everything has its place Inside jokes Sharing secrets We’re in cahoots Oh oh we’re in cahoots Sweetheart, my everything I never wanna lose you Inject me with a GPS chip You’ll find me, wherever is next to you ooh ooh I’ve fallen love with you And everything makes sense now that I’m next to you You don’t have to say a thing When we have telepathic communicating I’ve fallen love with you
I’ve always got a screen. Falling out of love with everyone I’ve ever seen Swiping left and right Searching till my heart bursts from the light This isn’t an insult! This isn’t anything at all You’re the bird that chirps by my window in the morning The bee buzzing round my room You’re always somewhere nearby Somewhere I can’t get to Not by choice, no, it’s not anyone’s fault You’re the one I talk about! You’re the one I think about! You’re the one that’s on my mind! You’re one I dream about! You’re the one I sing about! You’re the one that’s on my mind! But sometimes I miss you so Oh, sometimes I miss you so! So far from me now, Close enough to know But too far to go Every time I open up my heart I just get hurt again And then I try To open it right back up again
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, I guess I got what I wanted Absence creates a gap The gap widens until it’s too far to reach And what you can’t have you want even more The spark that was once there is supposed to light again That’s what they say They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but no matter how far away I go my heart just gets smaller I call, I text, I email It doesn’t bring us closer The fire’s going out, I think it needs some stoking No matter what I do I always tend to lose It’s getting harder to fight who knows what I might do They say distance makes the heart grow fonder but all I got was this lousy t-shirt
I’d like to know what to do today Haven’t heard from you since yesterday I’ve got so much doubt within my mind Feel lost feel down just can’t find the time Face the mirror! Gotta look inside yourself, oh Face the mirror! See what’s going on, ah Is it rotten putrid decay of flesh Skull white the bone peaking through the mess What if I’m dead and I’m not a ghost
GS25 02:27
I’m afraid of the grocery store! It’s eating at me more and more! My fridge is getting bare. I’ll die of hunger before I go there… Market Kurly one touch away Looks like I won’t die today! I ain’t goin’ to the grocery story Ain’t goin there no more Just need a bag of chips One banana is all I’ll get Need one single cold beer Not three months worth of gear No Homeplus And No Emart Just a 'venience store with a lot of heart I just might go again if I need a lemon or lime for din Thank goodness it’s open, I'll just go on in 24 hours 7 days a week Open on holidays I can find anything I seek I ain’t goin’ to the grocery store Ain’t goin to eMart Ain’t gonna wait in line I’m gonna take my time Ain’t goin to Homeplus Ain’t gonna buy a lot of stuff
words in my head feelings in my heart can’t get them out hmm lost under water gills sprout inside breathe it in can’t hurt to try purple bugs gather in my throat gaggin what i want to say can’t even vomit can’t seem to find you when you’re in my face i see you but you’re not there i miss u every day /// Oh, Bukchon! I know you’ll be a lot of fun Right by the traditional houses, I know my fears will be surmounted Next to the palace! Lots of flowers and art galleries Oh, Bukchon! It’s gonna be a lot of fun Oh yeah! Oh yeah, oh ho ho yeah Left Bucheon, now Ethan Teacher’s time is done 5 years ago, started playing ukulele at home Now I’m Le chat au cafe! Making tunes nearly every day The next 5 years are gonna be so much fun Oh yeah! Oh ho yeah, oh yeah? We’re having a real good time, it’s gonna be a blast I’m just beginning to live!


Stay-at-home songs for stay-at-home people


released October 1, 2022

Vocals, ukulele, false instrumentation by Le chat au café
Background vox on tracks 2, 3, 5, 9 by Monarch Mews


all rights reserved



Le chat au café Seoul, South Korea

I make bad beats and ukulele tunes


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