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Fiznab Crybaby

by Le chat au café

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Jacky 02:39
Oh Jacky You used to make me feel so happy What happened to us, what made you attack me I once thought you were my bestie Oh Jacky What made you like that Oh Jacky When we were friends, we’d send long texts of personal things Every time we were a little far away and a little time had passed Oh you know It’s so weird that we aren’t friends any more I thought you ‘d be there cuz I was there for you Oh jacky, I’ll never understand no matter how much time has passed What made u like that Oh Jacky When we were friends, we’d send long texts of personal things (to tell each other) Every time we were a little far away and a little time had passed and we hadn’t time to talk in person oh it’s so weird that we aren’t friends anymore I thought you’d be there for me cuz I was there for you Oh it’s so weird, oh jacky Jacky you were once my friend I don’t know what to do since you cut off contact with me I’d like to think friends are forever But I’m really not sure now Oh jacky I’m sure you think I’m a fair-weather friend but I’m not that Oh jacky, what made u like that
Dawn 01:18
Dawn Morning has come but I’m not waking up Night has passed but I’m still asleep Dawn I thought we could just be friends Marry the night to the day It’s harder than it seems Dawn, you are the glue that holds them together But Dawn, you don’t stick You can hold them together just for a moment But isn’t it magical before the break?
Got a lot to say and I’ve got a lot to do / I’m a boy with a big mouth but I’m feeling a little blue Leftover pizza for breakfast / ain’t nothing to cry about I always thought it tasted better / tho I guess I should eat healthier Got a lot to say and I’ve got a lot to do / kicked out of bed it’s cold, gotta sleep on top of something, I’m just that cool The fridge was tempting me and I thought it’d be alright eat a snack in the middle of the night / It’s better than continuing the fight You know I’m hungry boy / Got a lot to say and a lot to do But gotta sleep somewhere, so I'm Sleeping on the fridge / Gotta waste my time I ain’t got no money and I’m not about to wine Food in my belly / Cold in, hot out I thought I’d make with the honey / and get out What is a boy to do / When he’s left over sleeping on the fridge Got a lot to say and I’ve got a lot to do / It’s petty warm here so I guess can make do for a little Dawn is breaking / In my jacket I’m shaking I’ve got a lot to say / But I probably won’t / I can make do It’s pretty lonely here / At least there’s a little beer Sleeping on the fridge / Ain’t nothing / Ain’t nothing to laugh about Sleeping on the fridge / oh I’m sleeping the fridge it’s not all that bad / unless you’re already feeling sad Oh I’m Got a lot to say and I’ve got a lot to do But I probably won't
I know your name And I knew it Before I even met you I know your name But I blew it Before I even met you
I want to make you cry Sometimes I wish you’d die But I still want to say hi It’s like I can’t say goodbye I listened to your lies And now I’m starting to despise Myself, I’m lost in your brown eyes It makes my insides writhe
I’m not as good as I used to be I’m called “severe” in close company Thought it better to change my ways And now I’m paying for it every day I’ve got a chip on my shoulder It’s not going away (ay) I’ve got a hatred that smolders It seems like it’s going to stay (ay) That’s why I’m not as good as I used to be I’m going down in history as a pain for others around me I’ve stopped trying to please the ones who sit around, bothering me I’m not as good as I used to be I’m not as good at it, I’m not as good at it I’ve lost myself, I'm
Losing track of things Can’t find anything Can’t maintain a simple rhythm I've lost it I’ve lost my groove, I’ve lost my touch I’m losing just a little too much Every part of me is going away I can’t seem to make anything stay I’m falling apart, I’m lost in the void I feel like a forgotten toy I don’t blame you It’s not your fault You were as hurt as me I don’t blame me I didn’t try to do any harm You know that I regret every day Remember when you used to call me friend Losing my mind And I lost it just in time I’m losing every time I go out to meet my friends I lost it again I lost my mind, I lost my mind Losing My Mind I Lost Just in Time I’m Losing It Every Time I Go Out I Lost It Again I Lost My Mind, I Lost My Miiiiiiiind How can I hope to find it It’s not in my head It’s not in my head I feel like
Not every song I write is about you! I’ve got better things to do I heard I’m never on your mind I don’t know why I gotta be kind Life is bigger than just one guy So I dunno why it’s hard to say bye Not every song I write is about you But this one goes out to you know who I’m a tool you can put in any lock ( don’t u know ) Take me out whenever you need me ( u don’t know ) Just don’t forget to feed me when I’m hungry (hungry !) I’m doing the best I can (don’t u know) Missing u wasn’t (the plan) Do u still think about (me sometimes!) It doesn’t matter who you are (don’t u know!) I really wanna talk to you (u don’t know!) You’re my friend no matter what (a-ha!) Bad situations happen (a-aha!) I still wanna make it work, I wanna make it work, I wanna make it work It’s a lot of work to make it work, it might hurt, Just put some dirt on it aaaahhhhhch ahhhhh (don’t u know!)
Why do I let this vitriolic obsession rule my life All ruining my life I let it go on for too long I didn’t prune didn’t weed it now it’s growing so oh oh long
People on the train aren't reading books Headphones in their ears Time spent looking at their phone Not aware of what’s in here People on the train are stealing looks at me Of that, I’m absolutely sure They can tell I haven’t had a bath in what feels like 20 years The conductor is on their way I hope my ticket’s right It’s embarrassing, being scrutinized Even tho you know you’re fine Authority makes me nervous I don’t really know why We’re about to the get chorus Let’s give it a try It’s your train of thought that counts The stops you make along, hop out Destination is all I rode for So why can’t I make it in time for Traaaaain of thought It’s quite a lot, it’s quite a Traaaaain of thought Sometimes it’s too much, I want to Chugga chugga Train keeps chugging along I don’t know if I can hang on Got no reservation, I can tell I’m perspiratin' Traaaaain of thought It’s quite a lot, it’s quite a Traaaaain of thought Sometimes it’s too much, I want to
Buddy Boat 01:21
Come aboard the buddy boat let ‘em flow, the words I wrote It’s fresh and cool up here They sound better to your ears oh ho oh ho oh ho No need to show your pass It’s free for all in fact The buddy boat is nearly full It’s sure to be real cool oh ho oh ho oh ho Oh dear, it’s getting late I think we’ve made a mistake The buddy boat has gotta go I think we’ll have to let you go oh ho oh ho oh ho The buddy boat has already gone I hope you had some fun So sorry you couldn’t come Friendship is pretty dumb
Where are you Looking all around to find you Can’t find you anywhere You said you’d be right there But I don’t see you Where are you Where are you I looked around for you I looked around for you
You’ve gotta put in a little effort to make it count when you’re moving about, yeah You’re my type of friend, I’d like to know when we can go out, no reason to pout, I don’t have have any doubt, I don’t have any doubt ohhhhh Make yourself small, it’s not all Even a shoe seems like a mall Some problems are better to solve with a different vantage point It’s not all to be small, but it’s pretty good after all, after all Living like a mouse, I’m getting lost in my own house, I’ve got a reason to pout Watched Mari Kondo tell me how to tidy up, but I’m still struggling to get up I’ve got so much stuff, I don’t know what to do with it, it’s just too much, oh! Make yrself tiny, everything looks a little shiner from way down here MAKE YRSELF SMALL it’s not all it’s not all MAKE YOURSELF TINY everything looks shiny from way down here! MAKE YRSELF MINISCULE it’s better than going to school MAKE YRSELF ITTY BITTY it’s so pretty to get a different view
My other friends has a lot of friends But you are my terrible friend I thought it wise to leave you dry But in the end it wasn’t right I know now that I’m not bright Angrily I let it bite And now we’ll never be all right My other friend is not my friend Because I have no friends
I met a boy once he brought me lots of joy A little tall and messy and not very coy I met a boy once, oh I met a boy This boy he was so great, I didn’t want to toy with his heart But he toyed with mine Oh it was mine at first we were okay but later on we started to decay it didn’t end up at all how I thought I don’t know why but in the end we fought oh I thought I thought I thought Stop that boy he stole my heart! This boy he was really very bright That’s why I thought it weird he slept with a night light I thought it strange he was so afraid of ghosts But now I realize he was scared of himself the most Oh that doesn’t me he didn’t care An indication that he wasn’t fair Oh I really should've known, instead I should’ve said We took lots of trips and had a lot of fun just like the times when we used to run to the store and buy some things to cook from the start he made me dinners and moved into my heart I don’t know what happened it just happened I’m in a state that still won’t end Stop that boy he stole my heart!
I’m living with a ghost No, I didn't mean to host This persnickety ghost But it's eating all my toast And it's pulling at my hair Sometimes I'm not sure it's really there Oh, I'm living with a ghost in my heart We're sharing an apartment I'm living with a ghost in my head Maybe I'm the one who's really dead That'd be fine with me I'm haunting all your eggs Zipping in between your legs Aren't you afraid of me While you're sipping your tea Oh, I wanna be alive We could go for a drive I'm your ghost! I'm haunting your heart I'm your ghost! Just wanna get inside your head Aren't you the one who's dead? That'd be fine with me Ghosts aren’t the only things that are dead I’ve been a long in time in your head I’ve heard all that you’ve said It’s frankly pretty dark instead But I’d like to give you life If you consent, that’d be alright Would we be friends? We might Then I think we’d be pretty tight I’m living with a ghooooost in my heart I’m living with a ghooooost in my head I’m your ghoooooooost I’m haunting your heart I’m your ghoooooooost Let’s never be apart We’ll never really be de ea ad And that’d be fine with me
I've got a penitent heart
Orléans 04:55
I always thought that you’d close to my heart didn’t realize time widens gaps you’re farther now than you’ve ever been, as it happens memories aren’t as sweet as once before but I remember everything and more you’re still there in my heart but it’s harder to find you and that smarts remember the trip to the sea it really changed me I wouldn’t be the same right now without the way things turned out I know I’m still not okay but I think I may get there one day my heart was shaped right in that place so it hurt when you threw it in my face You’re still a good memory and I can accept that I’m not necessarily looking to go back just miss you a lot, Jacky and that’s the hardest part that I still can’t get over you


Songs about the past


released August 17, 2020


all rights reserved



Le chat au café Seoul, South Korea

I make bad beats and ukulele tunes


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