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by Le chat au café

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Exordium 00:32
Somewhere, Lost in the dense sea of matter and energy Beyond the many billions of stars and galaxies, Lies a place that none have yet seen, A mysterious place, Where long unknown stories will soon become clear To those who listen in On what tales we have here
All I see are the stars Coming in from the dark I was standing down there Vision black now I’m here Am I dead? No, I’m feeling all this dread My heart’s leaping to my chest Think I’m stuck out here in space Out to get some coffee Then was floating suddenly Metal walls all around Out here in space, there’s no sound All alone Very far away from home Take a look This is no book Everything I loved, they took Lost in space Must be the case This is really a cliche Will I ever get back again
Oh, please No, no Not me I just Want to Be free I didn’t do anything I just went on a walk today You picked me up and made me stay And now I think I’m gonna pay Bones are peeking from the corpse But what’s that over by the hearse A little sizzle, little hum Could this be where I’m coming from I wanna make it out one day Dunno if I’ll be okay A little sizzle, little hum Crawl in the corner, suck my thumb Look out the window, all I see A blur of stars and moons in front of me But not a single thing that reminds me of my home I think I’m gonna vomit A glimmer in the dark and Could it be the coffee shop
I’ve found the place for me Somewhere that’s not busy Feelin’ good mentally I could get used to it I’m taking my time Feeling’ totally sublime No longer in the grind Space ain’t so bad, no lying’! Yeah, it’s not so bad up here Could get used to this No one to tell me what to do, or where to go, or when to work Stick yr needles in my brain It’s the only thing to keep me sane All I need’s more of that juice Who cares if it makes me loose
Planet C 00:49
Welcome to our planet C! This is the place you’ll be happy! Wear this suit, you’ll look real good We’re your friends here, understood? Put yr feet up Loosen yr tie Welcome home Oh, don’t be shy
Omw 02:21
There’s this new place I’ve come to Where everything seems so new Back on Earth, I didn’t have a clue Streaks of gold there in the sky And lots of people saying hi Oh, I thought I was gonna die I’m on my way The long way round I think I’ll stay Feels like I’m found I don’t want to hurt you too What is that, I think we need to talk to you Whisper secrets in the ether soon I don’t wanna go back I wanna take that I wanna take it all And see you crawl I don’t wanna go
Come in and have a seat I’ve been dying for us to meet You’ve come such a long way Really hope you enjoy yr stay You must be filled with a million thoughts Just sit tight and let it grok Take this glass, don’t mind the knife It’s time to drink the cum of life Drink up It’s good stuff Listen up Don’t mind the cuff
Anything goes! Up there, ya know Far from home! In the unknown Not so bad! And I should know Any old star! Is home for sure Any old star Not so far I kinda think I’m getting used to things Wouldn’t be so bad if things stayed the same
Alien Ghost 01:08
You find yourself floating in and out of a daze Is what you see real or are you just in a haze? The ghosts of past present and future protest Isn’t it time you got some rest? Teeth gnashing Bones cracking Every sense screaming, crying Let the body burn and end this Alien ghost shrieks with envy Let me out, set me free, break this bodily curse in me
Our journey is coming to an end Could I perhaps have made a new friend? Thinking back to how this thing began Everything’s funnier in retrospect Extra special terrestrial At first, all I wanted was a little bread Something to munch on, something sweet and red Early morning, set off from bed Found myself in a new world instead Now I’m in a world of fantasy Out in space, a little dizzying Think I’ll stay as long as I can see Don’t wanna wake up from all that’s around me
One more cup of coffee before I go Made some friends and thought they’d take my soul What a wonderful surprise, I think I might take some supplies Just one more cup of coffee before I go home Take my spleen, take my heart, I didn’t need it from the start One more cup of coffee before I go
Peroration 00:10
And so the story is complete, And everyone is satisfied with the ending And so on and so forth And yet...


E.T. the extra-terrestrial, Ethan Teacher, ELO's Time in one sci-fi package. Come along on this space adventure through the lens of Le chat au café!


released June 24, 2023

Music and lyrics by Ethan Lechat
Album art curated by Caleb Lechat


all rights reserved



Le chat au café Seoul, South Korea

I make bad beats and ukulele tunes


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