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Cherry Blossom Blues

by Le chat au café

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Smile 02:30
When you're around, you brighten my day I know that everything'll be okay No matter where you are, You're always in my heart Coming home, you're waiting for me Come over here, I'll give you a treat I'm so glad Oh, I'm just so glad When you smile Sleeping in my lap, I hear you purr When I laugh, you play with my shirt Feet like jellies, doux comme le beurre T'as toujours une place dans mon coeur All I need's your crystal-like eyes To look right into mine Feel you crawl in bed when I sleep Ta chaleur is what makes my heart beat I'm so glad Oh, I'm just so glad When you smile You are my heart Thinkin' bout your smile tears me apart Wanna take you to the park I feel sad that we didn't start Oh Leo, you are my heart Oh, t'es un superstar Oh Leo, you are my heart Now you're smiling up on a star Oh Leo, you are my heart
Queen Bee 02:49
The queen bee stung my Heart She’ll rip my head off and I’ll still love her Queen bee, you're the most important bee in the hive You're the bee that births all the other bees You wage battle with the other reproducing females Until you’ve totally destroyed the other potential queen bee pupae At last you seek to eliminate the old queen Altho usually she will have left the hive before you’re born However, if the old and new queen meet, there will be a fight to the death Queen bees live a life like no other bee, that’s true and for another thing The new queen bee, or virgin bee, begins her life as an egg laid by the current queen She is fed a special diet, a protein secretion from the heads of young worker bees Altho other larvae in the hive may receive royal jelly This food enables her to be the only one to reproduce Oh ho, do I love her! Queen bee, I like it when you're mean to me You feed me honey on the daily I'll keep on working for you, I'm your worker bee Queen bee, you're the best in the bzzness You've got me under your antenna, control me honey, I don't mind if I die Kill me, baby, it's my wish, I don't mind if I die, you're my queen
I found a ladybug sitting on my finger Flew in from the window, it doesn’t have a stinger I looked up at the sky! That cloud over there looks like a dragonfly Cute little kitty sitting in the corner Baskin’ in the sun doesn’t have a collar I looked down at the ground! That little cat came right up to me and sat down
Nature Song 01:30
I look at the things that nature has to offer up to us All the leaves Turning red and orange in fall It’s so lovely Take a walk under the cherry blossoms in spring So alive For just a few weeks until they die again Take a swim and dive down to the center of our world It’s so dark And yet there’s a light that keeps shining bright It’s so alive And yet we're so dead inside So alive Around the world keeps going on Nothing to stop the trash festering inside of us I love my cats and all the living things all around me Everything around us is living, while we're dead inside, and we're dying Maybe we're dying to give some life to give to all the things around
Let’s go camping! In the backyard! With our tents! Pretend like we’re in the forest! Lots of wolves! I’m so scared! Grab a snack! It’s a sack of fresh, garden vegetables! Got my taters! I’m so full! What else to do but go to the fresh market? Sell my wares! Make some friands! It’s the life of having a backyard garden! It’s so sunny! In my town! It’s a hot, hot summer! And I’m outside! Tending my plants! They’re so charming! Lettuce Corn Having a garden! Plants in my garden I’m not so sure about going to the store
I thought you were mine forever I wasn’t right, but i wasn’t wrong either As it turned out, I was yours And I couldn’t be happier about that Oh, what would I do without you Walking around a moth without a flame My lovely chou-chou, you’re bright and warm And you melt me to my bone I’m a moth to your butterfly And i’m gonna fry If i get too close But I don’t mind if I die Because you’re my butterfly I’m a moth You’re a butterfly Do moths go to heaven? I don’t know, but I’d to learn It’s a little scary, but i’d like to try it (i’d like to try it) Do i have any free will? And if I do, why would I go to the flame It’s so pretty, but it’s dangerous (it's dangerous) And i wanna die in your cocoon As long as I’m there with you I can take a bow from this ugly life My butterfly
Rabbit Hole 02:00
Bunny Day 01:38
Bunny days! And bunny nights! Bunnies everywhere, hope they don’t bite The sun is shining! The clouds are white! Think I’ll sit here in the light Bonne idee! Bien fait Pose un lapin, disparu Tout est beau! Mais c’est faux Tu me manques, besoin de ta peau
Isabelle 01:42
Oh, Isabelle! You always greet me with the news Une chaussette que tu’as perdue 우리 동물의 숲 And when I’m gone, you don’t seem blue Isabelle, I like you a lot! Wanna walk with you at the park! Come to Brewster’s, let’s get some coffee! Sit and chat with Timmy and Tommy
Pink petals Floating in the wind Hiver’s gone away Printemps blowing in Sometimes ya feel sad Can’t help but remember Days of being wild But now the years have caught up 벛꾳블루즈 It’s springtime again And I thought it was so far But it comes back like yesterday Now my troubles seem so far Think about the good old days But the good days are never old It’s just the changing of the seasons It’ll come back next year Pink petals Vent glacieux


A little something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue


released April 1, 2022


all rights reserved



Le chat au café Seoul, South Korea

I make bad beats and ukulele tunes


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