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Black Cat

by Le chat au café

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Cold and dead leaves on the ground Crisp breeze going round Pumpkin spice fills up the night Little kids approach the light Halloween store Candy sustains my life Come, I’ll let you have a bite Razor blades hidden in the flesh Open wide, let’s make a mess Halloween store Sometimes I feel lost in time Trick or treat, or both this time Sitting in this den of mine Halloween store
Heartache 02:10
I have to do something. Stay here. You wish to return “Home”, do you not? Ahead of us, the end of the ruins. A one-way exit to the rest of the underground. I am going to destroy it. No one will leave again. Now be a good child and go upstairs. Every human meets the same fate. I have seen it again - and again. They come and they leave - and then they die. Oh, you naive child… if you leave… They… Will kill you. Go to your room. Do not try to stop me. This is your final warning. You want to leave so badly? Humph. You are just like the others. There’s solution to this. Prove yourself… Prove to me you are strong enough to take the heartache.
The Ghost 01:48
I’m a ghost I’ve been here far too long In this house, alone So I wrote this song Watching you toil day after day Garden to lawn Want to speak out and meet you halfway But I don’t belong I’m the ghost Want to haunt you the most Maybe send u a post I want to get closer to you I’m the ghost You’ve made me happier than most Since we went on a haunted date
Excorporeal 02:51
I miss u I want u back Why did u go You were my cat Listen for your paws at night Think I heard your meow all right A cat walks home alone at night is it you? looking for me, too Please don’t leave me alone Your time wasn’t over Just make a stopover to me
Deformed heart! I’m gonna take it apart! Listen up, my friend I’m gonna make sure it mends Ohhh ohhhh ohhhh Ohhhh oooooh oooooh Pulsing in the night Eyes wide in fright It’s right out of sight Something out to bite
Cool Ghoul 01:12
The temperature in the room suddenly gets chilly You hear unexplained creaking of stairs Doors are opening and closing on their own You hear the sound of soft whispers when no one in near Your pets start to act strangely An unexplained smell fills the room
Ghostlore 02:34
Fantasizing bout phantoms, I think I saw a phantasm the other day A misty shroud of air, I was frozen sitting there, I almost couldn’t believe Doing my research, discovering the ways of ghost kind I’d like to see you again, my friend~ Till death do us part? No, it’s ghostlore Ghosts and specters live right next to us Believe you me, I’m thrilled to discuss Thinking about ghosts, I don’t mean to boast, but I’m sure I’ve seen a few There’s this little apparition, it’s keeping wishing that it’s true Creeping in my bed, altho I’ve heard it said, the dead never sleep Death is not the opposite of life It’s a part of our journey, gotta enjoy the sights You might expect that the rational age of science Would destroy any belief of the dead to return I think it works the other way around, in an age of scientific miracles Anything seems possible, it’s ghoooooostlore
Psychopomp 02:12
All my friends keep turning up dead Or maybe it’s all just in my head I’ve gotten lost sometimes Maybe I’m the one who’s doing these crimes, oooh Bad situations happen You’ve gotta forgive yourself The facts are they can’t pin these deaths on you So you’d better find a good alibi
I'm Sleeping 08:50


Happy Halloween from Le chat au café


released October 31, 2020


all rights reserved



Le chat au café Seoul, South Korea

I make bad beats and ukulele tunes


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