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A Skeleton in the Closet

by Le chat au café

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I’m not sure if I’m happy with my life Have I made all the right decisions that I’ve had to make today I’m not sure if I’m going down the right path Always wondering if I made a mistake somewhere I’m not sure if I’m happy with my life (I’m not sure…) I’m not sure if what I’m feeling is right (I’m not sure…) I’m not sure what it’s going to take (I’m not sure…) I’m not sure about anything at all (I’m not sure…) I had a dream last night where I was forced to relive the last four years of my life I felt overwhelmed, what if I make a mistake, because people say you can’t have a cake and eat it too What am I going to do, where am I going tomorrow, for next five years, do I even have a clue I’m tired of my life, but I don’t want it to end, don’t to do it again Maybe I’ll go to the beach and take a day off to think about my future just slip back into the waves and let them take me away ay ay it doesn’t matter, life is short but life is long, and there’s no reason to fret no matter what happens, it happened, and I can’t go back
Hand me down and make it stick, I don’t wanna make u sick It’s not fun to play alone, so that’s why I like playin’ with you I’m getting all worn out, not sure I still have the same clout It’s the start the start of something new, anything u wanna do, let’s do, let’s do it I lost all my friends I’m never get them back again, boo-hoo But that’s okay, because all I need is you But I’m getting all worn out, sometimes I have a lot of doubts Feeling a little used up, I guess my time is up You took me in when I was down, I’m lifted up far from the ground You evolved me from a Caterpie, and now I'm a Butterfree Train me to level 99, you know you’re always on my mind
I really love being wrong I don’t mean to come on too strong If we fight, it won’t be long Because you’re right and I am wrong In politics, you’re right as rain I don’t mind if things stay the same There’s a better way to make it But usually I just fake it When there are clouds and the sun is down It’s okay if you want to frown Rainy days are a-okay Whatever it takes to keep the gloom at bay I wanna live near the sea It’s all I think about lately Cuz when the waves come to the shore All my troubles go out the door chorus! Worries are a thing of the past When you put me to task I kinda like getting beaten up I think it’s something I missed in my childhood Because I was never bullied, you know chorus! chorus!
Losing track of things, Can’t find anything, Can’t maintain a simple rhythm I've lost it, I’ve lost my groove, I’ve lost my touch, I’m losing just a little too much Every part of me is going away, I can’t seem to make anything stay I’m falling apart, I’m lost in the void, I feel like a forgotten toy Losing My Mind I Lost Just in Time I’m Losing It Every Time I Go Out I Lost It Again I Lost My Mind, I Lost My Miiiiiiiind I don’t blame you It’s not your fault You were as hurt as me I don’t blame me I didn’t try to do any harm You know that I regret every day Remember when you used to call me friend Em Am C D How can I hope to find it It’s not in my head It’s not in my head I feel like
Got some pieces missing out of my mind I feel them falling out all of the time Like dominoes, one by one they fall One day there’ll be nothing left at all Ohh, oh! Where did they go Oh, where did they go? Little bits of me are all over the place If we talk, you’ll see it leaking out of my face It’s a lot less cute when you say it like that But I’m too honest, that’s just a fact Ohh, oh! Where did they go Where did they go Did they run away to France Why don’t we go there, we might find the pieces missing over there up on the Eiffel Tower
Annihilation 01:49
Don’t ask me to explain I’ve got nothing to say The Earth is going to pay We’re decaying every day Green grass is going brown Go ahead and look around In a way we’ve won the crown If you’re counting from up to down I wanna live near the sea At least I know there’ll be no one but me Good grief, it happens every time Everything we do should be a crime I think our death would be sublime I’m not sure if it’ll happen in time I don’t know what’s going on in my head It doesn’t matter, one day we’ll all be dead Look like the alien from Annihilation Everything’s me, but in I’m isolation Had a dream last night Lost my job, got in a fight Hopefully they will see the light What took them so long To realize that I’m so wrong Can’t say we don’t deserve it When we’re writing own obit You won’t see it in the paper No one will be alive to refer to I don’t know what’s going on in my head It doesn’t matter, one day we’ll all be dead I don’t know when we’re going home But I know our home is gone When we get there, it’s going to have been terraformed into something totally new and unrecognizable that will devour us whole
Ghostsong 01:29
It’s not worth it to die alone When you hear a song in your head It’s not as lonely as you think it is When you’re minding your own biz The ghosts of pasts unlived come out When you least expect to see them about It’s not worth it to die alone It’s not really wroth it to die at all Even when it doesn’t seem so
Stalker 03:42
I thought you were just a normal person Drinking your coffee with your friend at Twosome But then you started to look at me strange Each glance you shot at me gave me a pain Then you opened your mouth and said some words and I thought you’d say please, but instead, it sounded more like this: What is your problem! Get out of my face! You’re just a waste of space! Why are you old people looking at me, you’re double my age and I’m 23! You looked at me first, now you’re the worst, so I’m gonna make a scene! so we replied Stalker! You make me uncomfortable! You’re rude and bad, and you made my girlfriend sad! You’re just a stalker! We weren’t doing anything to you! You ruined our night, why did you have to start this fight! You stalker! We’re just 29! What’s your deal, it’s time for us to get real! Now you’ve gotta die We brought out our guns and we pointed them at your thumb Didn’t even blink and then your life was done The whole cafe cheered and told us how you made them feel Mmmmmm We have no problem anymore, You’re bleeding out on the floor You’ll never terrorize another person, your story’s done and it was a perversion This song may be pretty petty, but you’re never again get a mani pedi (because you don’t have a thumb) Oh you were just a stalker! You made us uncomfortable! You were rude and bad, and you made my girlfriend sad! You were just a stalker! You aren’t doing anything anymore! You ruined our night, so we had to take your life! You were a stalker! But now you’re just a corpse! You’re dead and gone and no one cares of course We’ll never meet again I said, we’ll never meet again!
You 03:04
Because of you, I’ve always got the flu Doesn’t matter much medicine I take, it’s true-ue Because you’re you, sometimes we fight Even when I know that you’re right Sometimes I wonder if we can make it all the way Because you know that when you’re in, you’re in all the way I like so many things about you, you know I try but sometimes I can’t match your flow It’s not so bad, because I don’t think there is THE ONE But there’s no one else with whom I’d rather have it done Thanks to you, I’m never feeling’ blue You’re like a puzzle that gives me all the clues Thanks to us, I’ve been able to trust I feel like I’m young again, but I’m an alumnus We always take a trip, and I write a song Sometimes I feel bad, but in the end I’m always glad I like so many things about you, you know I can’t stop thinking about what the future may hold I’ve thought a lot about where I’m going to go But we’ll definitely be together, that’s what I know


Songs for spring cleaning out your figurative closet


released April 23, 2019


all rights reserved



Le chat au café Seoul, South Korea

I make bad beats and ukulele tunes


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